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Here is a short video by Melinda Beck, from the Wall Street Journal on acupuncture which you may find helpful.

  • Wear or bring loose-fitting, comfortable clothes. 
  • Many people wear shorts and t-shirt or tank top. 
  • Soft clothing with wide sleeves and legs and elastic waistbands which can be adjusted easily to permit access up to the knee and elbow area.  
  • We may need access to the lower back, abdomen, or hip area. 
  • You may bring clothing to change into if your usual street clothing might be restrictive, stiff, or otherwise uncomfortable for you. 
  • To obtain the best possible results from treatment, we recommend that you avoid being overly tired or hungry when you arrive. 
  • Also avoid having a very heavy meal close to your treatment time. 
  • Please avoid alcohol use prior to treatment and for a minimum of 4 hours after treatment.