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You are unique, your treatment should be also,

so we customize a formula to you.

An “herb” in TCM, includes minerals, plant /animal material and foods.  You can trust that we assure only the best quality for you.

  • Medicinal herbs, next to food therapy, are probably the most widely utilized Oriental Medicine (OM) treatment modality. OM has its foundations in plant medicine and relies on these therapies to treat illness and optimize health for the prevention of disease as a therapeutic system.
  • Eastern Balance Clinic has one of the largest herbal pharmacies available in the Houston area.
  • All of our herbs are bought from reputable herbal manufacturers who are certified according to the FDA  “Good Manufacturing Standards” .
  • Our practitioners use the Materia Medica (medicinal substance encyclopedia) to understand  aspects of medicinal substances, for: common uses, proper dosage, cautions and contra-indications, drug/herb interactions, and even conventional medical research.
  • This knowledge helps us to customize the best formula to use for each patient and modify it as the illness changes course.
  • The formula is provided as granules that can be mixed with water for an instant herbal tea.
  • We also offer “patent formulas”, these are pre-made herbal formulations that are in either pill or tablet form.
  • For some conditions topical application is necessary; and we provide herbal liniments, salves, and plasters.