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Our cups can heal

Our cups can heal.

  • Cupping therapy is typically used for different types of pain, common colds and viruses, inflammatory conditions, blood flow problems, relaxation and well-being, and finally as a type of deep tissue massage.
  • Cupping therapy is one of the earliest therapeutic modalities of Oriental Medicine (OM).
  • First written about in the fourth century A.D., early cups were made from hollowed out animal horns and bamboo.
  • Today, bamboo cups are still widely used as well as cups made from glass, plastic, and silicon.
  • Traditionally, the air inside the cups is heated and then the cup is placed on the skin creating a temporary vacuum.
  • The skin is then drawn up into the cup as an effect of the vacuum.
  • The marks are temporary and are usually gone in a few days.
  • Drinking water after cupping will flush out the toxins that have been brought to the surface.